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Cute but Weird, is a personal site created by an ambitious teen. This site will mostly be based on pairings, that have caught my interests. I know I could made multiple sites each dedicated to a specific pairing, but I don't want the constant hassle of maintaining them, and then later forgetting it; abandoned. So enjoy the site while you're still here. There's not much to look at. However, I'm perfectly content with this. So enjoy.

A Few Things About Navigation

Shrine - a section listing all of my favorite pairings from books, manga, tv, or movies. Each pairings have its own little section. Feel free to look each up.

Guide - a listing of books, movies, tv series, etc. that I just could not get enough of. Each book, movie, or tv series has a little mini guide that I have made myself. Feel free to look each up.

Blog - a little section dedicated to me, my blog, and a few pictures, mostly featuring my cat, dog, and two turtles.

Guestbook - you know what this means, right? I'm sure you've come across it many times before. I would really like it, if you leave a comment. 


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Cute, But Weird, is merely a personal site, created by an ambitious teen. Cute, But Weird, does not claim any ownership towards arts, screenshots, videos, or fanfics posted on this site unless stated otherwise. No copyright infringement is ever intended. If there ever is a problem please email me and I will fix the problem. Thank you.  


Email: kumikoellis@ymail.com


Aim: agreywriter15 

Meebo: agreywriter15

To Do List

Upcoming Shrines: Robin and Raven, Zuko and Katara

Fill Out Recommended Fics For The Following Shrines: Tristan and Yvaine, Ash and Misty

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